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Our Mission:

To be a leading company of organic products by means of innovative techniques in organic production and marketing.

Our Vision:

Providing high quality and healthy organic products in the market.

About Us

Highlands Organic is a Private Agricultural company. It was incorporated in 2010 by the company Act 2002 under the ministry of Trade and Industry and the company grows horticultural organic products situated in Mgala and Madeke village, in Njombe Region

In general, our organic operations demonstrate that we are protecting natural resources and conserving biodiversity, Organic farmers would, instead of conventional farmers, apply natural fertilizers such as manure or compost to feed the soil and the plants, where farmers using conventional methods might spray synthetic fertilizers to promote plant growth

The company produces both fresh and processed products. All produce are grown in Mgala and Madeke village, in Njombe region Southern Highland zone-Tanzania ,the company has both skilled and unskilled labors in its production and marketing channels

our main products for export are avocados, stinging bee honey and pumpkin seeds But pineapples ,lemon glass and bananas are for the local markets

FHTC is providing training on organic farming to small scale farmers in Njombe region small scale farmers are selling their organic produce to FHTC,