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  • The Organic Farmer would make use of organic insecticides and beneficial insects(e.g. grasshoppers, ants) for pest control
  • Organic farmers would rotate crops, hand-weed, till the soil and mulch to manage the weeds
  • Producers of organic produce use crop rotation and intercropping to increase yield.
  • Organic production helps reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and fight the global climate change
  • Organic production is more environmental friendly because the use of all natural (organic) production methods eliminates the risk of soil and underwater contamination, and helps preserve biodiversity and wildlife both of which have been seriously affected by practicing conventional production.
  • The main difference between organic and conventional products are course caused by using chemicals in conventional production processing.
  • Organic food virtually eliminates the risk of chemical residues.
  • Organic food are health friendly while conventional food stimulates unnecessary hormone production in the human body
  • Eating organic food reduces the risk to diseases like cancer and diabetics while conventional food increases the risk to these diseases
  • Eating organic foods may reduce exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria while conventional increases the exposure to antibiotic-resestace bacteria